About Us


Talou Internet Services has established itself as one of Vancouver's premier computer, network, communications & internet support organizations.
Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations in all aspects of your computer, network & communication systems and internet requirements.
We are committed to high quality service to meet the increasingly complex demands of today's business environment.

Companies like doing business with Talou Internet Services because we are responsive, we do what we promise, and if is not right, we make it right.
The most important aspect in our business is, the customer must feel comfortable with whom they are doing business with, and having the solution that fits their needs.

Finding companies that think business and technology is hard. Most companies sell you what they want.

Talou takes the time to understand your business operations and offers technology solutions that fit YOUR business model.

We work with companies that do not have full-time IT staff or technology but require on call demand computer/network/communications/internet support.

You get to stick to the work that demands your time. In the meantime, our professional technicians and developers take care of your business needs, making sure that your technology is there when you need it.

Talou offers you that peace of mind; we offer a one-stop shop for your computer, communications, internet, and network needs. We work on the problems, so you can continue to build your business!!!